Empowered July 19, 2018

This was the YPAR project. Here is the process I went through for the week.


Monday– Developing this website was something I felt like I had to do. I knew I wanted to show people how important Art, Music, and Dance Therapy are. The I talked to Bre’Asia, my coworker, and we both felt like it was important. She was interested in helping women who deal with postpartum depression in result of trauma experienced before, during, or after child birth. The we decided to partner and do research to show how Art, Dance, and Music Therapy are viable solutions to this Postpartum.


Tuesday– Me and my coworker decided we would take a day to solidify our statement. We did a lot of research in order to make sure that our statement was not only true but viable and supportable. We found 10 reliable sources to base our research of off.


Wednesday– Today we went through the research and found the most important information and what would support our statement. We also chose this day to decide whether we were going to be informants or providers. We decided we would be informants; we would not provide a service, just information about the significance of the three types of therapy.

Thursday– Today we decided to start making a website about out topic. We started developing our website. My coworker wasn’t present today so I chose to go ahead and make the websites aesthetics look great. Then I started adding some content about what Art, Dance, and Music Therapy are. We also emailed and interviewed some people so we could include personal experiences and professional opinions.

Empowered June 14, 2018

Being at Empowered this first week had been very interesting. I’ve faced challenges of being tired and learning how to create links for website coding and all of its different components. I have also had a lot of fun. Learning new things, meeting all my fellow Empowered women, eating, and overcoming challenges. I am very excited for what is to come with Empowered. My biggest takeaway from the speakers was what Ms. Fitzpatrick said. She said “Surround yourself with people who know your potential and won’t let you settle for less.” This was something that definitely inspired me, especially because of things i’ve been dealing with personally. Also, going forward, I can start to take hold of who I really am when I gain knowledge and inspiration from the speakers and the people around me at Empowered.

She really helped me realize that I really can do anything I set my mind to. She made me take a look at what I plan on doing for the next few years and realize I shouldn’t stand in my own way. I would just like to say overall I am very thankful for this opportunity.

Empowered July 28, 2018

We had a great meeting with our business: “Transitions”. I was super excited about Monica Stewart liking the website we prepared for her business. It was interesting to have this experience. We experienced a little bit of one of the business preparation, a business meeting, an awesome lunch, and I specifically had a cool conversation with a photographer. Over all my experience for Saturday’s meet was very exciting. I look forward to having more experiences like this.

Empowered June 21, 2018

The most challenging this this week would have to be the rgba concept. It was very difficult for me to grasp. Eventually I figured it out and moved on. I actually got through a lot more than i expected. I was off task at times but I definitely accomplished a lot. Something that was really interesting ws learning how to do the colors, borders, and fonts. My biggest takeaway from the Dr. Angelic Johnson was that I make huge change with just one idea. Stacy Servo showed me speakers was realizing that even little me in louisville is capable of huge things. That I will make mistakes but if I work hard I can succeed.. I would like to add that I absolutely loved the bonding session we had after I spoke. Empowered is filled with such amazing and talented people.


Empowered July 12, 2018

My topic is the effect of art & music therapy on woman with ptsd after birth. I chose this because it show how arts can be important to STEM thus creating STEAM. This is important to me because the arts really mean a lot to me. The speakers last week were very inspiring because they showed me that even though they had some tough experiences they were still able to power through and make a difference. Most importantly they showed me you never stop growing, so now I see that my future will be a process and there will never be an end to my adventure because I will always be learning and growing.

Empowered July 5th, 2018

I had a great week and I am so glad to have gotten the experiences I had. It was very difficult to do my html and css website. I went through challenges and difficulties but I overcame them because I had help from my friends and I had google. I think this week was interesting but